Recruitment Committee
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The Recruitment Committee is comprised of community, hospital, Family Health Team, physician and local businesses representatives. We appreciate the support that these individuals provide for the recruitment efforts for North Perth. Thank you to everyone on the committee for making sure that North Perth has a vibrant health care for future generations.

A special thanks to the Listowel Memorial Hospital Foundation and the Municipality of North Perth for partnering with the Recruitment Committee

Recruitment Committee Members

Jan McKague-Weishar - Recruiter

Karl Ellis - CEO, Listowel and Wingham Hospital Alliance

Mary Atkinson - Executive Director, North Perth Family Health Team

Kriss Snell - Municipal

Dr. Lauren Hayward - Physician

Bob Uptigrove - Community

Debbie Miller - Community

Krishna Beharry - Community

Mike Shepski - Community

Ron Coghlin - Community

Vince Judge - Municipal

Wayne Hamilton - Local Business